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Alle Weine wurden ohne Schwefelzusatz hergestellt
Die meisten Weine sind ohne Schwefelzusatz

Stavroula Kioutsouki    

24 KM Thessalonikis - Kilkis




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Das Weingut

What happens when an entire family is passionate for nature? They abandon city life and move to countryside. This is the story of Kioutsoukis family (Dimitrios, Eleftheria and their children). Dimitrios Kioutsoukis, a chemical engineer, took the UC Davis Oenology Extention program and with his family assistance planted 11 hectars of vines (mainly Greek grape varieties: Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Roditis, Xinomavro) in northern Greece near Thessaloniki, an area well known from ancient times for its wines. Dedicated to ecology we use exclusively organic methods and principles of biodynamic farming, at low yields, producing organic wines only. The basic rule for us is doing as few treatments as possible trying not to subvert the natural equilibrium. Using modern wine-making equipment, only to monitor and support (if necessary) the natural chemistry of the wine-making cycle we produce wines with a unique character that express the terroir without lowering the quality standards. Seeking the real taste of life we are taking a step forward producing three natural wines: a white, a red and the only low- intervention Orange Retsina wine in the world (Retsina: Greek wine of traditional appellation with over 3500 years of history, produced by using pine resin during fermentation)

Der Weinberg

People who use organic cultivation, cultivate the earth without damaging the nature, with respect to the environment, based on principles of organic cultivation.They believe in biodiversity and try to avoid the use of chemical products(pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc)for the earth?s cultivation, replacing them with products coming from plants and minerals with the aim of protecting the ground?s health, the protection and development of the plants and the reinforcement of the products ? quality.
The winemakes who use these natural methods, don?t interfere, they mostly use traditional, mild systems for production, believing that the best result emerges once you have let nature free to create by itself.

Der Keller

Dès au debut, nous avons commencé de produire des vins biologiques vu notre philosophy par raport la vie et la culutre.Nous voulons d'offrir aux autres un vin qui montre le terroir d'ou il provient. Alors, celui-ci est la raison pour laquelle nous decidons d'aller un peu plus loin et de produire des vins naturels.

Die Weine

Nimbus albus: vin blanc(Assyrtiko-Malagousia)
Nimbus russus: vin rouge(Merlot-Syrah-Xinomavro)
Nimbus ritinitis: retsina orange(Assyrtiko maceration)
Stalisma rose: roze(Xinomavro)
Stalisma white:white(Malagousia)

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Karte anzeige/ verbergen

Arbeitsweise (2017)

Im Weinberg Im Keller
Traubenkauf Non Verwendung von Hilfsmitteln oder Zusatzstoffen ausser SO2 Non
Gesamte Rebfläche 10 hectares Filtration Non
Durchschnittlicher Ertrag 45 hl/ha Klärung Non
Handlese Oui Flashpasteurisierung, Umkehrosmose, andere technische Manipulation Non
Verwendung von synthetischen Mitteln Non Durchschnittliche zugefügte Schwefelmenge 0
Anbauart biologique Anzahl verschiedener Weine nach Jahrgang 9
Label Oui biohellas Weine ohne zugesetzten Schwefel 5

Der Winzer hat diese Angaben gemacht und bestätigt deren Richtigkeit 10-11-2017


Wein Wein Jahrgang Gesamt Schwefelgehalt mg/L Quelle
Nimbus albus Blanc 2016 0 Analyses
Nimbus ritinitis Blanc 2016 0 Analyses
Nimbus russus Rouge 2016 1 Analyses
Swadow play Rouge 2016 3.2 Analyses

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